Life comes at all of us from many directions, carrying us through times of change and transition. These ebbs and flows in life often leave us searching for places of anchoring in our bodies, minds, and spirits. At Healing Circles Wellness Center, in Frederick, MD, we offer professional, supportive services to nurture and sustain people through these shifts in life.

Our commitment is to providing caring therapeutic services that meet each individual where they are along life’s journey. We have brought together a wide array of therapies for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families; so that you and your family have access to all the services you need across your lifespan. These include psychotherapy, psychiatry, massage, reiki, occupational therapy, speech therapy, herbal medicine, nutritional consultations, and other complimentary therapies.

We welcome you to Healing Circles Wellness Center and look forward to
engaging in a life-changing, healing relationship with you.

10 N Jefferson Street, Suite 203, Frederick, MD 21701 • P: 301.712.9015 • F: 301.846.4915